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This exhibition is primarily a celebration of artwork done over a decade ago for the diploma course and to show some of our recent work.




When I enrolled at Salisbury college, my main interest was botanical illustration in watercolours. College broadened my outlook and we were encouraged to experiment. I tried print-making, with wood and lino.  'In a Green Shade' was done on lino by the reduction method, where the same block is repeatedly cut into and printed in different colours.

  By the end of the course I was still unsure which way to go, but have since focussed on
printmaking, in particular wood engraving, and I am now a member of the Society of Wood Engravers

Moorland Skies
Wood engraving. 2017 J.E.Manser £75.00

Wood cut. 2008 £75.00

Night Hunter
Collaged wood engraving. 2017 £75.00

In a Green Shade
Lino Cut. 2006 £65.00

Dancing with Daffodils Wood engraving. 2018 £85.00



Jenny Frazer

The earlier work which I did at college has oil paint as its medium.
The current work is more subtle with more experience in art. The media is pastel.

Bluebells in a wood
Oil Painting £150.00

Pastel. 2018 £200.00

Moira Ross

Printing - The Golden Bird was made at college under the tutelage of Howard Phipps. It wasn’t something I enjoyed as I was very frustrated with my ability to draw and use the tools. As a result I never tried again for years and it is only now that I am having some fun playing with it!


Collecting the Golden Bird
Reduction Print. 2005. £105.00

The Fence
Mixed Media, inc Calligraphic. 2018. £55.0

Stone Carving Henry’s Bones was my first attempt at 3D work, in my very first year. I really enjoyed it! After leaving college I tried l different mediums but stone was the way to go. I now carve things from nature, animals, heads and abstracts, all in a loose simple manner.

Henry’s (Moore) Bones Plaster. 2001 NFS

Hoop Maltese Limestone on Wood. 2017 £140.00



Kate Skillings

Two paintings produced more than 15 years apart but both based on plants and natural forms, and both are in Gouache paint. Despite the similarities I feel I have progressed to a style that is mine. It is a commonly held belief that after 10,000 hours practice a certain level of competence can be achieved. 10,000 hours is one hour a day for 27.39 years. I am getting there!

Winter garden with Squirrels.
Gouache on paper. 2018 £150.00


Flower Zoom
Gouache on paper £150.00




Judith Kemsley

I like to look beneath the surface of my subjects and at College used a semi abstract approach in various mixed media. My work has developed a more illustrative style recently, but I still look for the spirit in the subject rather than visual accuracy.

Wiltshire and the Jurassic Coast
Watercolour and ink £150.00

Moulin Du Paradi.
Watercolour and ink 2018 £150.00

Polish Cockerel
Watercolour and ink 2018 £150.00

Lyme Harbour
Watercolour and ink £150.00

Sally Middleton

Area of outstanding natural beauty, a conservation area for the chalk blue butterfly.  Moving on... Conservation now includes serious warnings about the effects of pollution.  As well as conserving some fish stocks through quotas, our inconsistent attempts at recycling still threaten life in our oceans.


The CompleteTangler
Mixed media collage on board. 2018
Please contact artist for price.



Little Langford Down
Oil on canvas £200.00


Ray Brotherton

I first enrolled at the College simply to “Learn something about art” . I never imagined that I could actually produce art. “Merry-Go-Round – 2003” and “Gimme a Pig Foot” were results of assignments for my Diploma. The course taught me three important lessons. The first: abstract art is not as simple and as easy as I used to believe. Second; there’s just as much enjoyment in preparation and research as there is in the execution. Lastly, the end result is rarely similar to that envisaged at the start.

Oil on Canvas. 2018

Merry-Go-Round - 2003
Acrylic on Canvas. 2003

Gimme a Pig Foot.
Oil on Canvas. 2006

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Teresa Corona

Microscopic Images of Us
Mixed Media £35.00

The man in the Stone of Avebury
Mixed media mesh & ink £65.00

Phillip Hutchings

Corps de Ballet
Pastel on Paper. £160.00

Pastel on Paper. £120.00







Jane Shepherd

This was painted as part of a series of close up paintings inspired by Kimmeridge bay for my final HND project at Salisbury college in 2006. It includes sand from the beach and transfer printed text from the ticket you get when you visit. (It is privately owned but open to the public at all times). It is a place I love and go back to time and again. The painting focuses in on a sea worn root that i found thrown up by the tide.  I used colour more for its tonal values than for accuracy.

Kimmeridge driftwood
Mixed media on canvas. 2006 £70.00

After the storm.
Acrylics on board. 2018 £180.00