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      Interpretation: An explanation or opinion of what something means. Or, a particular way of performing a piece of music, a part in a play, a work of art; etc.

      Interpretation is an essential part in the creation of art. It is an entirely subjective process so imposes no boundaries on the creator, or the witness, of the art. Each should gain by their own personal judgement.

       The theme of this exhibition was chosen to stimulate discussion and hopefully, be a challenge to the individual artist and the observer. If you find it stimulating, confrontational or even, confusing, then we have succeeded.


The face of the waters - Wood engraving

Water: the element wherein life began and without which we would not survive...but capable too of becoming an overwhelming flood which destroys all in its path. .


And the evening and the morning were the first day
Wood engraving £150.00

Earth, air, fire and water, elements that were without form until the act of creation brought order into the universe, separated light from darkness and drew life out of the void. What is life without continual creation?



Jenny Frazer
Interpretation of a Wood - Acrylic

My inspiration for this piece of work is that I wanted it to be an image as a child would interpret it and stylised as well.

Moira Ross
The Word & The Beginning - Maltese Limestone
£250.00 each

Creating these abstract figures, I used simplified shapes to give sense to them. The pierced circles indicate not just a head but perhaps a halo. The carvings are faceless, anonymous and I want the viewer to decide what they mean to them. My interpretation should not necessarily be theirs.

The Book - Maltese Limestone, found items £195.00(bookstand not included)

This Book isn’t perfect, with corners missing and no lock for the key. However we shouldn’t judge what it holds inside.

Nikki Sheppard
Autumn - Pen and ink on paper

Words are made up of a range of symbols and we interpret them into meaning. I’ve been exploring marks to suggest words, but allowing you to create you own meaning.


Kate Skillings
Ammonite One Dry - lino cut impression on paper



Kate Skillings
Ammonite Two - Perspex collograph plate, PVA and paper

Ammonites Ammonites – Sea creatures that lived in the British waters 400 million years ago. We can now find only petrified impressions of their remains amongst the rocks of the Jurassic coast. The origins of life on Earth?





judith k1

Judith Kemsley
Impression 1 - Watercolour and ink

judith k2

Judith Kemsley
Impression 2 - Watercolour and ink

'This picture is based on shapes found carved into the stones that form a Neolithic Dolmen on the Island of Gavrinis, in the bay of Morbihan off the coast of Brittany. Archaeologists believe that some of the finely carved symbols include shields, cattle horns, snakes and rudimentary human figures. However, it is all open to interpretation, and many remain a mystery.


Sally Middleton
Graffiti 1 - Photographic image and mixed media drawing A3 £65.00

Graffiti 2 - Photographic image and mixed media drawing A3 £85.00

The two images show examples of Medieval graffiti found in Steeple Langford church. They have to be searched for, from the four mass dials on the outside to the different marks located on the entrance porch and further inside the church. Their meanings are open to research, the outcomes inconclusive but the interpretations are logical, varied and fascinating.


Ray Brotherton

Damnatio memoriae
Oil on Canvas Board. £100.00

“Damnatio memoriae” - the Latin phrase meaning the condemnation of memory. It’s a practice probably as old as civilisation, but still in use today for anyone who offends contemporary sensibilities. It’s done in the belief that history can be easily changed by destroying statues, hiding paintings, changing the names of buildings and banning from the media. Just as in Orwell's "1984" - “To unperson”, was used for the same process

After “Saint Apollonia Destroys a Pagan Idol”. Giovanni d'Alemagna. C1442.

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Lucy Barclay
September Garden - Monoprint and Watercolour

A personal interpretation of the plants in my garden during the month of September

Phillip Hutchings
Prismatics 1 - Pastel on Paper

Phillip Hutchings
Prismatics 2 - Pastel on Paper

Phillip Hutchings
Prismatics 3 - Pastel on Paper

Phillip Hutchings
Prismatics 4 - Pastel on Paper




Jane Shepherd
As you see it - Acrylic on board

How do you see ammonites? A polished ornament on a shelf, a spiral pattern grooved into rock on the seashore, or a prehistoric marine mollusc ? We all have a personal image in our heads.


Jane Shepherd
Hambledon - Mixed media

This hill has many identities. A chalk outcrop, an Iron age hill fort, a civil war battle site or just a beautiful place to walk in the Dorset countryside. But it is still just the earth beneath our feet.