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Teresa Corona - United in Serenity
Ink on hand made paper £700.00

The harmony between the lofty stone spire of the Cathedral, built by human hands, and the living, growing trees around it is at the heart of the image. The natural and the architectural combine to raise our eyes and express a powerful spiritual sense of oneness. We are drawn to the beauty created by nature as we are drawn to the beauty created by human endeavour. Since ancient times mankind has felt the power of the spirit and found positive energy in the natural world. From these sources have come works of lasting significance which have both expressed our human sense of creativity and served to inspire later generations. Here the work of man and the work of nature come together in a spirit of serenity and beauty.


J. E. Manser - Genesis [2]
Wood Engraving £120.00

This is one of a series of single prints, each combining the four elements of the Medieval world, to form a unique image. This print's centre is Fire, the explosive energy of creation, surrounded by Earth, Air and Water, with Earth as the cornerstones of our experience. Creation's unity rests upon diversity, the maintenance of balance between the four elements of opposing characteristics, each part of the harmonious whole

J.E.Manser - The Torn Page
Watercolour and ink on handmade paper £95.00

A sheet of hand made paper, its raggedy edges and uneven surface, led me to contemplate the nature of perfection and imperfection. Perfection implies completion--the work is flawless, aspiration at an end. We are never perfect, but the very flaws give rise to character and creativity. A sheet of joyous colour is torn apart, behind it is another sheet. Through the tear we can read a fragment of a meditation by John Donne on the nature of humanity. As works-in-progress, we cannot stand alone, we are born to die--but in death the torn page is "translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated." Perfection is not of this world.


judith k

Judith Kemsley - Unity
Acrylic on Canvas £150.00

The Church of St Mary and St. Nicholas at Wilton represents ‘Unity’ through its museum like building and in the diversity within its congregation. Beneath the elegant arches rainbow patterns stream through medieval windows across the Victorian tiled floors, mingling with shadows cast in criss cross patterns from the spot lit roof beams. It is a place for reflection and a place for activity. It is ‘establishment’ and yet also a safe place in which to express individuality. To children it is a place for play, stories and music. For the bereaved it is a place for communication and for all of communion. The list is endless. The possibilities on going. In the painting, as in reality, the Italianate grandeur is placed against the simplicity of the rural Wiltshire landscape. I feel that the contrasts in the fabric of the church reflect those in the individual people who worship there and of the congregation as a whole







Phillip Hutchings - Unity
Oil on Board £150.00

I have chosen to express the concept of unity by using a metaphor to encourage a viewer to associate it with whatever topic or subject they choose as a comparison. The picture is dominated by a unique numeric square in which the numbers of every column and row all add up to thirty four, and has been in existence for more than four thousand years. It is a perfect example of unity and I have merged it with another perfect form of unity which is the total range of colours that has been seen by the earliest human beings on our planet via the spectrum of visible light waves from the Sun. The merging of these two unified images has been achieved without any damage or conflict with any of the values or unique characteristics of either of them. It is this concept which is the basis of this metaphorical painting and can be applied to a vast number of human activities in the modern world. A process of introducing necessary changes or improvements by combining existing successful or new practices can be peacefully achieved without damage or resistance if sufficient study and innovations are fully understood and intelligently applied equally to all concerned.





Moira Ross - Components: People
Maltese Limestone, acrylic, ink and paper £390.00

There are many components of unity, all mixed together or piled on high like a wedding cake. 'People' are the bottom tier. Of course the figures aren't in isolation as 'dialogue' twists round them and, when the next tier is created and sat on their heads, 'strength' will be added to the mix.



Becca Allen - Twenty Twelve
Acrylic £75.00

I was lucky enough to see and feel the Olympic
 ideal in action in 2012. The able and the disabled from
 the world's nations were united through the energy, discipline
 and spectacle of sport.


kate s

Kate Skillings - Piechart
Gouache on paper £90.00


A memory of school geography where the whole is split into various divisions: a visual representation of sections within a unified body. If the unit is a group, whether school, church, village, city or country, the sections represent individuals distinct and unique in themselves, but combining to form the colourful diverse and healthy whole.





kate b1

Kate Buttimer - Wrestling With God
Oils on Canvas £700.00

The painting depicts the struggle we have with God and feeling unified with him in daily life whilst struggling with thoughts of negativity. I have been thinking of Unity as a Christian I think about Unity with God, as we cannot see God we have to have faith in him which is sometimes difficult in times of trouble. I started with an idea which was sending a tweet to God on Twitter asking him to show us what unites us all.. This message was much wider than a religious question. I looked at things like loss, destroying photos cutting out people who no longer are in my life, as I felt this can be something that unites us – loss – whether through bereavement break up – can often bring others together closer in empathy. The first larger canvas I am entering was from my final year I was struggling with God and myself, I felt as if I was hanging on, I looked at images of wrestling with God and this canvas came from this time of disruption. Kate Buttimer


Lucy Barclay - Diversity within Unity
Watercolour £100.00

I set out to produce an abstract piece that incorporated diversity into unity. In other words, accepting different values/shapes into the one large square. Having a brightest colour in the centre has given the work a spiritual core. As a whole the piece looks similar to a stained glass window which is what I wanted to achieve.


Carol Gardner - Synthesis
Fabric & Threads £300.00

Diversity within Unity I set out to produce an abstract piece that incorporated diversity into unity. In other words, accepting different values/shapes into the one large square. Having a brightest colour in the centre has given the work a spiritual core. As a whole the piece looks similar to a stained glass window which is what I wanted to achieve. Lucy Barclay Synthesis I find when looking at the world around I'm always conscious of nature, in contrast with the world man makes for himself. I often chuckle when I see buddleia growing in cracks in walls of building and bridges or even on roof tops...'there's nature finding its way through, despite the barriers in its path!' Hence here in my embroidery, we first see the silvery barbed wire paralleling its way across hawthorn, not dissimilar in its spikiness. Then gradually in time, the wire loosens and discolours and finally becomes undistinguishable from the growing hawthorn twig which has adjusted and amalgamated with the wire. Yet, both still showing unity in their spiky form.

ISD Middleton - This is the day..
Oil and charcoal on canvas £240.00

On a first floor windowsill in Rouen, stands a metal cockerel facing the window opening.  The deserted street was an avenue of calm early on a fresh June morning a few years ago.  I leant against the building opposite watching the cockerel and was glad of the peace that day.   The words on an old  Quimper plate, at home on the dresser, came to mind, "Quand ce coq chantera, mon amour finira"...  Of course, written on a plate, love would never end, but the cockerels' also signified that time when all the certainties and quandaries of life surface after the relative quietude of night and harmony is sought.  

To help start the day, these words from Psalms 118. v24 bring it together for me: "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

Steve Neville - Flight
Marquette from mixed media and recycled materials.
For a cast sculpture please contact Steve Neville 07711525532

An exploration of the negative and positive shape,
the yin and yang………………..unity.


Steve Neville - Mother and Child
Marquette from mixed media and recycled materials.

Is there a stronger love in this world than between mother and child?


Jenny Frazer - Laurel Leaf Golden Dome

The Council for Christian Unity works to keep unity within the different facets of the Church of England. It is also engaged in theological conversations with other churches.
Gustav Klimt and the other Art Nouveau artists had an exhibition in a gold domed building, the Secession building designed in 1898, in Vienna, Austria; there was unity between the different Art Nouveau artists.
On Holiday in Vienna I saw the Dome and I thought how fantastic it looked, The Secession buildings Dome is decorated with “Gold Laurel Leaves”, and I decided to paint it. Hence my painting representing the Dome of the Secession building and the Unity it represents of the Art Nouveau



Ray Brotherton - They’re Not One of Us
Oil on Canvas £100.00
“They’re not one of us” is the cry of the people who want to hold on to attitudes, no matter how flawed. They use the call for “Unity” to attack dissenters, non-conformist, outcasts, outsiders and refugees. And, why do those defenders of their culture always seem to hide behind silly costumes?

My starting reference is Masaccio’s fresco,” The Expulsion from Eden”. Adam and Eve are the original refugees, forced out of their homeland by an uncompromising and uncompassionate authority and made to wander the world as outcasts.

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Jane  Shepherd -  Inheritance
Mixed media £180.00

The dancer's skills are born from the DNA she has inherited from her ancestors. In this painting, strands of DNA swirl around her, supporting and enriching her movements.