Jenny Frazer - The Lion, the Witch And the Wardrobe
Acrylic on Canvas £150.00

So, deep in the bewitched land of Narnia, the children set out on the most exciting and enchanted adventure ever written.


Carol Gardner - Flights of Fancy
Watercolour £395.00

It all began with a book very similar to the little guide book, “Top 10 Istanbul”, published by DK. The book was given to me by my mother before I went to teach in Istanbul for two years. The top section of the painting is the ceiling of the Blue Mosque. The figure in the middle is taken from a French pastel painting, though there may be traces of the Degas acrobat in the back of my mind too, and the flowers are from the gardening section of the Telegraph. These images are reveries suspended in time and space all inspired by varieties of reverence and natural beauty thrown up in the air and left to land through my own higgleldy-piggledy life experiences.


Sally Middleton - Little Langford Down.
Oil on canvas £150.00

Little Langford Down is an area near my home of which I have done several sketches. This particular picture was the result of an afternoon's sketching one hot June day a year or so ago. My husband and I borrowed the neighbour's farm buggy and set off to explore some of the tracks near Great Wishford and Grovelly Wood. Roger Deacon mentions the area in his book 'Wildwood', describing the beautiful trees, life within them and nearby. It is a quiet area, not easy to access but the journey makes it worthwhile. Many books about Wiltshire will reveal secrets of the countryside.





Kate Skillings  - Pemberley
Acrylic on board £75.00

Based on "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. "(My love for Mr Darcy) has been coming on so gradually, that I hardly know when it began. But I believe it must date it from my first seeing his beautiful grounds at Pemberley" Elizabeth Bennett

Kate Skillings - The Land That Time Forgot
Gouache on Paper £150.00

Based on the book of the same name by Edgar Rice Burroughs "Even the grass upon the nearer bank was unearthly - lush and high it grew, and each blade bore upon it's tip a brilliant flower - violet or yellow or carmine or blue - making as gorgeous a sward as human imagination might conceive"

Becca Allen - Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Graphite tint £90.00

I have visited Yemen and enjoyed the absurd idea of trying to fish for salmon in one of the hottest and driest countries on earth. My journey, and the book, together conjured up some simple and playful images to illustrate the tale.


Ray Brotherton  - The Book Reviewer
Pastel on paper £350.00

Ray Brotherton - A Wonderful Gift
Pastel on paper £350.00

Ray Brotherton - Sofya and David
Oil on Canvas £95.00

My inspiration for this painting is “Life and Fate” by Vasily Grossman. This book has been compared to “War and Peace”, but there are no joyful characters and not many admirable ones. The narrative is unrelenting, often distressing, and primarily a story of betrayal and cruelty. One of the few exceptions is the story of a middle aged army doctor who comforts a small abandoned boy on their final journey to the gas chamber. It is painful and tragic, but it demonstrates how humanity can rise above the horror of tyranny.

“Life and Fate” has two oppressors, Hitler’s nazis and Stalin’s communists. Grossman was unafraid to show that both these evil systems were but mirror images of each other.




Moira Ross - The Island
Mixed media £90.00

Inspiration: Seattle - DK Eyewitness Travel Series I was traveling to Seattle this summer and the guide made me think about more than just the basics of where we were going to. The idea of a place and its history, thinking of what was where and why led me to 'The Island'. It is not a true representation of any island near Seattle but does hint at some of the things you might find.


Inspired by Books

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Teresa Corona - Ley Lines of the Stones
Ink on mesh £120.00

Teresa Corona - Layers of the Stones
Ink and handmade paper on mesh.£90.00

I have used various books on the Avebury Stones' ley lines that lie between Avebury Stones and Stonehenge. I am inspired by the ley lines that lie between Avebury Stones and other ancient sites. The human eye cannot see ley lines but some of us can feel the energy within our spiritual side. I want the viewer to be transported to such an ancient site and feel the strength of the stones and ley lines.


J.E.Manser Back to Font
Woodcut £75.00


Phillip Hutchings - Eva – an enthusiastic book reader
Pastel on Paper £175.00

Eva, my granddaughter, is a devout book reader and loves a good story. She has an adult’s vocabulary and enjoys her school nickname of ‘the walking dictionary’. Books play a happy and important part of her life.

Judith Morane-Griffiths - The Great Escape
Acrylic on Canvas £150.00

Reading has always been my escape. When I have a book I am oblivious of everything else - it is wonderful. A quiet corner and a good read give me great pleasure and an escape from mundane life! I couldn’t do without books.

Lucy Barclay - Garlic and Chillies
Watercolour £90.00

I have a large collection of cookery books and any time I visit Waterstones I always make a point of heading for the cookery section to check out the latest publications. The inspiration for my painting came from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s “River Cottage Veg Everyday”. I always find that garlic and chilies are always a good starting point for great recipes!



Jane Shepherd  - The Cider Jar
Acrylic on Canvas £190.00

Inspired by the book “Cider with Rosie” by Laurie Lee, this painting features a textured background in rich tones of reds, golds and greens overlaid with the stoneware cider jar and vivid red geranium flowers. This reflects the golden nostalgic atmosphere of the book which is a large part of its appeal for me.