A Winter’s Tale  

Acrylic on Canvas

 Sandy Loader



Inspired by words from the poem “Winter” by Philip Larkin


“That to the static
 Gold winter sun throws back
 Endless and cloudless pride”


Moonlit Walnut Tree

Watercolour and Ink

Lucy Barclay



“A liquid moon moves gently among the long branches”

From a poem called “Winter Trees” by William Carlos Williams


A Winter’s Tale 1

Mixed Media: Acrylic and

encaustic paint, paper, glass/metal flecks

Sally Parker



A Winter’s Tale 2

Mixed Media: Acrylic and

encaustic paint, paper, glass/metal flecks

Sally Parker



Inspired by Freddie Mercury’s song ‘A Winter’s tale’ which features on the album ‘Made in Heaven’ (Queen).  It was one of his last songs to be recorded before his death.  Freddie composed the lyrics while he was staring out of the windows of the recording studio at Lake Geneva.  The song has a psychedelic, dreamy feel, with aspirations to passing to a place which will fulfill one’s hopes and dreams.   “There’s a kind of magic in the air….Like a landscape painting in the sky”…“And the dream of the child is the hope of the man.”



It's Winter-fall
Red skies are gleaming - oh -
Sea-gulls are flyin' over
Swans are floatin' by
Smoking chimney-tops
Am I dreaming...
Am I dreaming...?




lino cut


Jutta Manser




Snow had fallen, snow on snow

    Snow on snow

In the bleak mid-winter

    Long ago.

Christina Rossetti



The Dog Walkers in
the Snow (After Bruegel)

Pastel on sandpaper


Ray Brotherton



Home is the sailor, home from sea:
Her far-borne canvas furled
The ship pours shining on the quay
The plunder of the world.

Home is the hunter from the hill:
Fast in the boundless snare
All flesh lies taken at his will
And every fowl of air.

'Tis evening on the moorland free,
The starlit wave is still:
Home is the sailor from the sea,
The hunter from the hill.

                   A.E. Housman

A Winter Walk in the Park



Sarah Orchard




 The poignant words from the film 'An Affair to Remember” played in 'Sleepless in Seattle' ring true to life..!


'Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories...' 

Play time



Sarah Orchard








Winter's Tale
Pastel on paper
Phillip Hutchings




This picture has been inspired by a song written by the late Freddie Mercury the lead singer of the Queen. The lyrics appear to be a sincere escape from his busy pop music world and the song entitled Winter's Tale expresses a dream of wishing to be in a different world. For a talented musician and song writer who was born in Zanzibar his choice of that other place was unexpectedly a description of a tranquil English country landscape. The words of the first verse of that song are:


It's Winter-fall

Red skies are gleaming' oh

Sea-gulls are flyin' over

Swans are floating by

Smoking chimney- tops

Am I dreaming

Am I dreaming 


 My picture has been based around those dreams



I saw three ships

Maltese Limestone and Paper


Moira Ross


(excl case)

           I saw three ships (anonymous)

I saw three ships come sailing in

On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day;

I saw three ships come sailing in

On Christmas Day in the morning.

I saw three ships

Mixed media


Moira Ross






7 Swans

Mixed media
(Cotton, Calico, stitch, clay)


Becca Allen



On the seventh day of Christmas,

my true love sent to me

Seven swans a -swimming.


12 Days of Christmas



Kate Skillings


9 Ladies Dancing,

8 Maids a-milking,
7 Swans a-swimming,

6 Geese a-laying, 

5 Gold Rings,

4 Calling Birds,

3 French Hens,

2 Turtle Doves

   and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

After Lunch

Judith Morane-Griffiths

In the bleak midwinter

Mixed Media on Canvas


Nikki Sheppard





In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan,

Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone;

Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow,

In the bleak midwinter, long ago.

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The Darkling Thrush

Acrylic and Tissue


Jane Shepherd           


The Darkling Thrush
by Thomas Hardy


I leant upon a coppice gate

When Frost was spectre-gray,

And Winter’s dregs made desolate

The weakening eye of day.

The tangled bine-stems scored the sky

Like strings of broken lyres,

And all mankind that haunted nigh

Had sought their household fires.


This poem conjures up those winter evenings when frost has rimed every twig with fringes of ice and the light is fading to violet tinged gloom. In the poem the song of the thrush symbolizes hope.