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Brother and Sister
Wood-cut. Oil based ink on paper.
Carole Kelly 2005.

"In the evening, when the sister was tired, and had said her prayer, she laid her head upon the roebuck's back - that was her pillow, and she slept softly on it. And if only the brother had had his human form it would have been a delightful life. "



Hansel & Gretel - Asleep in the Woods
Lino-cut Blended oil based ink on paper
Jennifer Audrey Frazer. 2005-2006

"… and as they had been sitting such a long time, their eyes closed with fatigue, and they fell fast asleep."


Cinderella -The Hazel Twig
Lino-cut. Brown oil based ink on ivory Canfordpaper, hand coloured with acrylic ink
Jane Shepherd 2005-2006

"..she planted the hazel twig on her mother's grave, her tears watered it and it grew to be a tree on which rested a little white bird who dropped down to her, that which she wished for."


The Seven Ravens.
Steve Neville 2005

"...suddenly she heard a whirring of wings and rushing through the air. The seven ravens had returned".


Hansel & Gretel
Linocut. Oil based colour ink
Nikki Sheppard. 2005

"Hansel took his sister'…..."and followed the pebbles which shone like newly-coined silver pieces and showed them the way".


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"In a New Light", is the result of an assignment set for HND Fine Art students of Salisbury College in 2005/6. Inspired by David Hockney's 1969 series of etchings and illustrations of Grimms' Tales, each student responded to the stories as myths with contemporary significance. They created original relief prints using lino-cuts, wood-cuts and engraving to illustrate their selected stories, which were then collected and bound into a beautiful book.

The book contains eleven original prints, with extracts from the tales. It is hand-made and bound in wood and leather. The calligraphy for the front piece illustration was done by Susan Gleny.

To obtain any of these images, either as an original print, fine art print copy or postcards, please Email our Sales at this link: Sales



The Jew Among Thorns - The Jew's Dance
Lino-cut, oil based ink and acrylic on lining paper
Ray Brotherton 2005

"…but the thorns tore his shabby coat from him, combed his beard, and pricked and plucked him all over the body."


The Golden Bird.
Lino-cut. Oil based ink on cartridge paper
Moira Ross 2005-2006

"…and the King's son carried off the beautiful princess on the golden horse."




The Twelve Dancing Princesses or The Slippers That Were Danced To Pieces.
Lino-cut. Oil based ink on cartridge paper
Melissa Brice 2005-2006

"They danced all the way down, and when they were at the bottom they were standing in a wonderfully pretty avenue of trees where all shone and glistened".



Snow White - A Life of Greed and Jealousy
Lino cut. Oil based inks on paper
Mary Quinton-Edwards 2005/6

"….Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.'

sleeping B


Sleeping Beauty - Parting
Lino-cut. Oil based ink on paper
Judith Morane-Griffiths 2005-2006

"….instantly a fantastic forest appeared around the castle. For the king and queen there would be no return. This was the final parting from their beloved daughter".


Plastic engraving. 2 colour and colour wash
Steve Neville 2005

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thy hair".